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Updated: 27 Jan. 2013

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Mostyn is a historically accurate portrayal of the station of the same name on the North Wales Coast Main Line as it existed in 1977. These pages illustrate both the prototype and the model; the prototype information being part of an extended collection of photographs and documents.

A plan of Mostyn from the early 20th Century. Quite why they ever built such an extravagant station for such a small village is unknown!

Two views of Mostyn Station, the Goods Shed and Exchange Sidings. The first from 1975 contrasts with the image from the early 1900s when Mostyn was a thriving station with two goods yards

The YMCA Building at Mostyn

Belonging to the local conservative association, the YMCA building had various uses including being a bank and county council library. Like the footbridge over the adjacent railway, this building was demolished in the early 1990s.

Pictures from the Woking show model of the YMCA building in position on Mostyn.
The right-hand picture shows the model shortly after construction by Dave Greenly.


Key architectural features of the Mostyn scene



1 & 2 - The Dock Weighbridge Office
3 - Holywell Junction Bridge which was adapted for Mostyn
4 - Dock Bridge
5 -The Lamp Hut that lies derelict amongst the undergrowth
6, 7, 8 & 9 - The Road and Railway sides of the derelict station Building
10, 11 & 12 - The Goods Shed
13 - The Gates to the Goods Shed

By 1984, both the Station Buidling and Goods Shed were derelict as is evident from these two documents
These five photographs date from the early nineties when the research for building Mostyn first started, and before the footbridge was demolished.

Some of the signalling installations at Mostyn
In recent views, note how naked the signal box now looks after the footbridge was demolished in the early 1990s

The Down Starter signals at Mostyn as originally built.
By 1977 the Down Slow had been abolished
The three-doll bracket with Up Inner Home signals.
By 1977 the Up slow at Mostyn was part of siding no.1 and the two arms for this line were replaced with miniature arms

Access to much of the information about Mostyn would not have been possible without the help of the late Anthony Lewis-Jones and the Mostyn History Preservation Society.

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