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Updated: 26 Jan 2020

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During his experience as a modeller, David Goodwin developed a range of techniques for easing and assisting the building and maintenance of model railway vehicles. Therefore, BMRG present David Goodwin’s ‘Workshop Notes’, an occasional series to guide the modeller.

Degreasants Wire Flattening Tool
Buffer Height Gauge Brake Safety Loop Bending Jig
Desk Tidy Spackle
Nut Securing Broaches
Flush-Glazing Miniature Files
Plastic Cutting Scriber Cochrane Glue Inverter
Brass Sections Wagon Lamp Iron Jig
Filing Tips Files
Bow Pens Roof Ridge Tiles
Solder Resist Photocopying
Keeping Corners Square Rivets, bolt-heads, welding seams
End Stanchions Broken Hacksaw Blades
Ultrasonic baths

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