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  23 December 2023

Welcome to the Barrowmore Model Railway Group website. Founded in 2004 and now celebrating 20 years in a spacious Cheshire clubroom, our busy group builds and operates exhibition-quality layouts and encourages more people to enjoy railway modelling.

Whilst the heart of our group is located in the North-West, we have been joined over the years by members who live far afield and yet see the benefits of taking part in our activities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more - we do not expect you to be an experienced modeller. It is our aim to share our skills and we hope you will share yours.

At present we have three layouts which can be fully erected in our clubroom:
Mostyn (18.83mm/P4, Summer 1977, North Wales Coast Main Line)
Mauch Chunk PA (HO Gauge, 1945-55, Central of New Jersey)
Johnstown Road (O Gauge, 1908, Cambrian Railways)

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                        more detail about Mostyn Click here to
                        see more detail of Mauch Chunk PA Click
                        here to see more detail of Johnstown Road

STOP PRESS - Mauch Chunk PA
Having returned from storage to our clubroom in September 2023, it was the intention to re-launch Mauch Chunk PA at one exhibition in 2024. Originally scheduled to appear at Bristol, unfortunately the show's budgetary constraints led to a late notice of cancellation and we are now looking for an alternative exhibition in 2024 (please note 2025 is already fully-booked). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think Mauch Chunk PA could fit in with your 2024 exhibition plans.

BMRG Exhibition Calendar

Show Date
Railex Model Railway Exhibition 2024 (by Risborough & District MRC)
25 & 26 May 2024 Mostyn
Perth Model Railway Show 2024
29 & 30 June 2024

BMRG club sessions are normally Mondays and Saturdays but we are at the clubroom regularly on other days as well, especially when exhibition deadlines are looming. We welcome visitors but please let us know first if you wish to come along and meet us.

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