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Updated: 14 Feb 2020

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For the first 10 years of Barrowmore Model Railway Group's existence, David Goodwin edited our group's magazine, the Barrowmore Model Railway Journal (BMRJ). Many of it's articles found praise from readership that extended beyond our small group, with some being reprinted in national UK modelling magazines.

We've begun scanning issues of the BMRJ to preserve David's magazine legacy. As we do this we'll make this publication available to a wider readership via the BMRG website, thus preserving the magazine for posterity. As scanning all issues might take a little while, please bear with us and check back periodically to see what we've added! Also note that the index to each magazine shall be found on the last one or two pages.

BMRJ issue no.2 (April 2005)
BMRJ issue no.5 (December 2005)
BMRJ issue no.10 (March 2007)
BMRJ issue no.22 (March 2010)
BMRJ issue no.24 (September 2010)
BMRJ issue no.25 (December 2010)
BMRJ issue no.28 (September 2011)
BMRJ issue no.29 (December 2011)
BMRJ issue no.30 (March 2012)
BMRJ issue no.31 (June 2012)
BMRJ issue no.33 (December 2012)
BMRJ issue no.34 (March 2013)
BMRJ issue no.39 (June 2014)
BMRJ issue no.41 (December 2014)

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